From the most prestigious, award-winning productions, to music and movies made at home, Avid creates the technology that people use to make the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world. The shows, commercials, and news programs you watch on TV. The entertaining video and film stories you see on the web and on the big screen. The personal audio and video treasures that people make at home to preserve their favorite moments in life.

All AVID editing systems are based on the same user interface, empowering editors around the world to work on any system, high end or entry level, with their preferred settings easily transportable from system to system. The power lies in details solving professional's everyday-problems, most other vendors never even (yet!) addressed.

Media Composer 6


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€ 2099.- (ex. VAT)

Professional editors and producers like you around the world have told us what you need to succeed. More efficient and easy-to-use video editing tools. An open platform that enables you to work with everything you want and integrate into any workflow. More power to eliminate bottlenecks, so you can work faster than ever. We listened. We made it happen. Introducing the new 64-bit Media Composer® 6—the fastest, most versatile tool for professional video editing.

  • Accelerate your storytelling with ultra-accurate ACE-certified editing tools, open workflows, and 64-bit performance.
  • Directly access and edit RED/RED EPIC, QuickTime, ProRes, AVCHD, XDCAM, P2, and other file-based formats with AMA (Avid Media Access).
  • Capture, monitor, and output with accelerated Avid interfaces or third-party cards and devices.
  • Mix & match formats, frame rates, resolutions, and more in real time-no rendering.
  • Experience real-time HD editing -in mastering picture quality- with Avid DNxHD and Avid DNxHD 444.
  • Get high-performance color correction with Avid Artist Color support.
  • Never lose assets with the industry’s most reliable media management.
  • Share projects and media for deadline-driven, real-time collaboration.
  • Deliver on time and on budget, with tight integration into professional pipelines.
  • Work on stereoscopic 3D projects with a comprehensive set of tools & workflows.
  • Create studio-quality surround mixes in MC or import from Pro Tools.
  • Get the look, effects, and quality you want with powerful production tools.
  • Deliver optimized content for the web or on DVD or Blu-ray Disc.
Media Composer 6

Media Composer Nitris DX

[Powerful, high-performance I/O and monitoring]

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When you edit high-profile films, TV shows, or commercials for a living, you need a system that gives you the speed, flexibility, and confidence to take on anything. With Media Composer Nitris DX, you can capture, edit, monitor, and output digital and analog material faster and easier than anything else available.

Using Avid Intelligent Architecture, which squeezes the most performance out of your system, Media Composer software tightly integrates high-performance Nitris DX video hardware with your host computer's CPU and GPU, giving you a single high-bandwidth effects engine that delivers without compromise—no matter what formats and codecs you use. And with onboard 10-bit Avid DNxHD encoding and decoding, you can edit HD projects with incredible beauty and speed—with real-time performance.

Media Composer Nitris DX

Media Composer Mojo DX

[High-performance digital I/O and monitoring]

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You're always balancing quality, cost, and the next deadline. With Media Composer Mojo DX, you get the power of Media Composer software combined with a high-performance digital video interface to give you a head start on all three.

Using Avid Intelligent Architecture, which squeezes the most performance out of your system, Media Composer software tightly integrates Mojo DX video hardware with your host computer's CPU and GPU, giving you a high-bandwidth effects engine that delivers without compromise—no matter what formats and codecs you use. Whether you're working with tape or going tapeless, experience faster editing—plus digital capture, monitoring, and output—with Media Composer Mojo DX.

Media Composer Mojo DX

Symphony 6 Nitris DX

[The world's fastest editing and finishing system]

Prices on request

You’re going places—literally and figuratively. Having the right video editing and finishing tools that move with you is crucial. That’s why we broke Symphony Nitris DX apart, so you can work wherever and however you please. Symphony 6 is now available in a software-only version, giving you a cost-effective, highly versatile solution that works with your existing hardware. For better performance, bundle it with an Avid video interface or get the complete Symphony System. Plus, you get many exciting new features and workflows that professionals like you asked for.

  • Edit and finish with just Symphony software, with Symphony and a hardware interface, or as part of a complete turnkey system.
  • Get better performance and speed to handle complex editing, now that Symphony is a 64-bit app.
  • Manage and edit stereoscopic 3D projects with a comprehensive set of editorial tools and workflows.
  • Work more easily and efficiently—but not differently—with the sleek and sexy new user interface.
  • Instantly access, screen, and edit AVCHD clips and RED EPIC footage through AMA.
  • Accelerate your RGB 4:4:4 workflow with Avid DNxHD 444, which delivers exceptional image quality in a low bandwidth format.
Symphony Nitris DX

Avid DS

[High-performance, all-inclusive capture, editing, and finishing system]

Prices on request

Get everything you need to capture, create, monitor, edit, composite, and finish high-end content with the Avid DS System. As a complete hardware/software solution, which includes Avid DS 10.5 and Media Composer 5 software, a high-performance computer workstation, LCD monitor(s), I/O interface, storage, and other peripherals, you get maximum power to speed up your entire film, video, or television production, from end to end.

  • Quickly move projects from MC to DS—without re-creation—using Total Conform
  • Have all the hard & soft you need to create, edit, and finish high-end productions
  • Get optimal power and performance with a completely integrated package
  • Create high-end graphics and visuals using full paint and compositing tools
  • Accelerate and fine-tune your storytelling with the included MC 5 software
  • Speed up RED workflows with R3D conform & support for RED Rocket card
  • Work with 2D and 3D stereoscopic material
  • Get high-resolution conform—including RED, ARRIRAW, DPX, 2K, and 4K support
  • Get the look you're after with effects, grading, 3D tools, AVX2 & OFX support
Avid DS
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