About us

in-visible, created in 1988 has since been devoted to deliver best quality for the price in nearly all professional audiovisual domains and applications. We started off with basic production services like camera and lighting work, and provided rental services for shooting equipment and unique special techniques in Luxemburg like Steadicam operation, time-lapse or slow motion, as cinematography is our real background [INRACI, INSAS, SUP INFO COM]. This evolved quickly to directing and offering a complete production interface for commercials and corporate films, after a short feature production experience of two years.

Time brought a lot of new necessities and opportunities. With the digital age, we jumped early into non linear editing and 3D animation, adding concept and sales of powerful graphic workstations, complete NLE editing stations and media encoding solutions, while beta testing for companies like FAST, AIST, Pinnacle, discreet logic...

Architectural visualization and web authoring - particularly for the more technical difficulties like rich web enhancements - became another challenge we took up with excitement, and provided courses to our customers on subjects like video signal, non linear editing and forensic image analysis.

In the meantime, our main commitment and strategy is still understanding our customer, his product and his request, so to be able to provide a pertinent and effective consulting, suggesting solutions that are not counterproductive and fit economically and in content.

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