Our most recent camera choice fell on the RED ONE 4K and EPIC 5K cameras, what higher quality work is concerned. These cameras revolutionized recently in a dazzling flash the digital media acquisition with long awaited features:

  • better than 35mm film frame format and resolution for film equivalent depth of field
  • a color gamut equivalent to film
  • RAW file based format
  • slow-motion, time-lapse and stop-motion
  • direct to digital media recording [tapeless]
  • compatible with PL-mount lenses
  • other lens mount adapters available
  • 4 audio channels
  • TC and synching capable
  • Versatile image format [ratio] selection other words, all that a 35mm camera does and a lot more !

shot on RED Owning our own equipment allows us specially to be independent from rental houses for very short notice picture acquisitions with all the bells and whistles your production might deserve.

It guarantees our customers also lowest and stable equipment prices compared to rentals, so the production can concentrate on talent rather than hardware.