Animation is probably the domain generating our biggest pleasure-return-on-invest ! Long before investing in an internal 3D animation section, we wrote and directed one or the other hand animated spot or outsourced 3D animation work of our conception.

Since our Softimage 3D heavy invest in 1998, we just love it, although we have been using mostly Autodesk 3DS MAX for the last 10 years. Just like time-lapse or slow motion, we feel tweaking space-time has no limits but our imagination and your budget… this is where our creativity can unfold into design and dynamics that suit best the subject treatment, two levels that come always before esthetics in our vision of concepts: definitely function before form. But form and esthetics nevertheless.

3D does not only pepper up commercials, features or games. A lot of 3D can illustrate and dynamically boost industrial and corporate communication. Think only about all the additional ingredients and spices that come with the freedom of 3D CGI: dynamic logo animations, architectural modeling, machine and industrial process simulation, accident reconstruction, game characters, animated titles and dynamic video effects, medical and scientific presentations...

Technically speaking, we can provide all bells and whistles...

  • import your data from your 2D or CAD software [data formats like : DWG, DXF, 3DS, OBJ, WRML, SAT, FBX, SKP...]
  • create models from the tiniest objects up to architectural or urban projects.
  • edit bone structures into human or other character models for puppet like inverse kinematics.
  • output as stills or animated 3D movies, in any resolution or format, from icon sized mini-animation to stereoscopic motion picture film or huge single image poster prints.
  • create 3D-tracked scenes from film or video footage and integrate moving action in real filmed environments.
  • develop fur, smoke and other complex particle effects.
  • render photorealistic ray tracing outputs, with radiosity, global illumination & caustics, multiple render passes and 3D compositing.
  • and a lot more!

By the way, with all the hype around stereoscopic 3D, yes we can!

Blu-Ray consortium had defined the first precise format definition implementing MVC encoding, with that for the moment and for long term best option, but not already suitable for TV streaming. On the broadcasting side, DVB has already set first guidelines, restricting formats to a selection [although no full-frame is part of it], and working hard for a TV transmission standard to be signed off. Nevertheless, this will include the side by side [SbS] versions in US HD and EU HD formats, so it is possible to produce future proof 3D active and 3DTV content right now that works on all latest generation 3DTV sets.

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