Digital Signage

Digital signage is somehow a dynamic replacement for advertisement posters. Where ever you can place a video screen or projection, you can implement digital signage. The advantage is its eye-catching motion.

It can be filled with nearly any content and designed with a savant combination of:

  • static & animated text
  • static & animated images
  • videos
  • rich media
  • internet-loaded pages
    • RSS feeds
    • tweets
    • stock exchange tables
    • weather forecasts
    • scrolling news ticker
  • dynamic database-loaded information

The content can be looped or constraint to a time and event based programming. It can in addition be integrated with touch screen and interactive functionality. With all this potential, digital signage is a fusion of multiple media and can suit an endless list of applications.

  • advertising
    • malls
    • airports
    • lobbies
    • shops
    • restaurants and pubs
  • product teasing & exploring
    • lobbies
    • fairs & exhibition stands
    • malls
    • shops
    • cinema
  • information dispatching
    • schedules
      [trains, flights, other transportation scheduling]
    • menus
      [restaurants, fast food, cantinas]
    • room identification & occupation
      [museum, convention center, exhibition rooms, theater, classrooms, conference rooms, courtrooms, meeting rooms]
    • urgent communications & safety emergencies
      [airports, train stations, public buildings, malls, industrial premises]
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